From relieving pain and tension to improving mental focus and promoting improved sleep, the benefits are plenty. If you’re unsure of what to do with essential oils there are several options, including using a diffuser to help you to inhale the scent, inhaling directly from the bottle, and applying topically with a carrier oil. Some oils can also be administered internally with care.

You may opt to incorporate your chosen essential oils into your regular health care routine to keep ailments at bay, or simply have them on hand for when you or your family requires them. Refer to the essential oils guide below to find the ailments that you and your family suffer from and the oils that can ease your discomfort and help you to feel better. Follow the links for more information.

Ailments & Oils





“Be Empowered to Support Your Family’s Health Concerns”

Abdominal Cramps






­Digestive & Intestinal, Women’s Health, Pain & Inflammation






Focus & Concentration

Abuse Trauma


Roman Chamomile




Mood & Behaviour


Ice Blue®





Pain & Inflammation
Acid Reflux






Digestive & Intestinal
Acne HD Clear® Tea Tree Sandalwood Salubelle® Arborvitae Pain & Inflammation
ADD/ADHD Vetiver Peace® Motivate® Lavender InTune® Focus & Concentration
Allergies (insect) Lavender Purify Roman Chamomile Arborvitae Blue Tansy First Aid, Hair Skin Nails, Allergies
Allergies (pet dander) Lavender Roman Chamomile Zendocrine® EasyAir® Purify Allergies
Allergies (respiratory) Lavender Lemon Peppermint Roman Chamomile EasyAir® Allergies, First Aid, Digestive & Intestinal
Arthritis Wintergreen Ice Blue® Lemongrass On Guard® AromaTouch® Pain & Inflammation
Asthma EasyAir® Eucalyptus Rosemary Peppermint Cardamom Allergies, Digestive & Intestinal
Bad Breath Halitosis Peppermint Spearmint Smart & Sassy® On Guard® Cardamom Oral Health
Bee Sting Lavender Purify Roman Chamomile Clove Basil First Aid
Blisters: from Sun Lavender Myrrh Salubelle® Helichrysum Sandalwood Hair Skin Nails
Blisters: on Feet Myrrh Frankincense Patchouli Lavender Eucalyptus Hair Skin Nails
Blood Pressure (High) Clove Celery Seed Marjoram Ylang Ylang Petitgrain Cardiovascular, Urinary
Blood Pressure (Low) Thyme DDR® Prime Basil Rosemary Lime Cardiovascular, Endocrine
Boils Tea Tree Myrrh Salubelle® Purify Lavender Hair Skin Nails
Broken Bones Siberian Fir Birch Ice Blue® Helichrysum Wintergreen Skeletal
Breastfeeding (Milk Supply) Clary Sage ClaryCalm® Basil Fennel Geranium Pregnancy Labour & Nursing
Bronchitis EasyAir® On Guard® Eucalyptus Thyme Cardamom Respiratory, Immune & Lymphatic
Bug Bites Purify Lavender Roman Chamomile Blue Tansy Basil First Aid, Allergies
Burns Lavender Helichrysum Salubelle® Myrrh Peppermint Hair Skin Nails, First Aid
Candida Thyme Oregano DDR® Prime Pink Pepper and Tea Tree Arborvitae Candida
Canker Sores On Guard® Myrrh Black Pepper Tea Tree Birch Oral Health
Carpal Tunnel Ginger Copaiba Cypress Lemongrass Ice Blue® Nervous
Cartilage Injury Wintergreen Ice Blue® Birch Lemongrass Helichrysum Skeletal, Athletes
Cellulite Grapefruit Smart & Sassy® Eucalyptus Spikenard Lemongrass Detoxification, Weight
Cholesterol (High) Smart & Sassy® Lemongrass Coriander Cinnamon Lemon Cardiovascular
Colds (Common) On Guard® Black Pepper EasyAir® Thyme Yarrow Immune & Lymphatic
Concentration (Poor) InTune® Vetiver & Lavender Peace® Cedarwood Motivate® Focus & Concentration, Brain
Constipation DigestZen® Marjoram Zendocrine® Ginger Peppermint Digestive & Intestinal, Children
Cough EasyAir® Rosemary DigestZen® Cardamom Lemon Respiratory
Cramps (Intestinal) DigestZen® Marjoram Ginger Turmeric Cardamom Women’s Health
Dandruff Tea Tree Rosemary Wintergreen Patchouli Petitgrain Hair Skin Nails
Depression Melissa Elevation® Cheer® Frankincense Neroli Mood & Behaviour, Limbic, Pregnancy Nursing & Labour
Diarrhea DigestZen® Ginger Cardamom Black Pepper Tea Tree Digestive & Intestinal
Dizziness Rosemary Peppermint Cedarwood Arborvitae Zendocrine® Cardiovascular
Ear Ache Tea Tree Helichrysum Basil Lavender Rosemary Respiratory
Ear Infection On Guard® Thyme Basil Tea Tree Helichrysum Respiratory
Emotional Trauma Frankincense Melissa Helichrysum Forgive® Peace® Mood & Behaviour, Limbic
Flu (Influenza) On Guard® Thyme Melissa Yarrow Oregano Immune & Lymphatic, Children
Fungus (Athlete’s Foot) Tea Tree Cinnamon Oregano HD Clear® Arborvitae Athletes, Candida, Hair Skin Nails
Fungus (Intestinal) Oregano DDR® Prime, Cinnamon Tea Tree Arborvitae Immune & Lymphatic
Fungus (Ringworm &


Tea Tree HD Clear® DDR® Prime Turmeric Myrrh Hair Skin Nails, Immune & Lymphatic
Fungus (Thrush – Mouth) Spikenard Arborvitae Clary Sage Tea Tree Myrrh Candida, Children, Pregnancy Nursing & Labour, Women’s Health
Fungus (Vaginal Yeast Infection) Tea Tree Spikenard Thyme Frankincense or Myrrh DDR® Prime Candida, Women’s Health
Gas/Flatulence DigestZen® Peppermint Ginger Black Pepper Coriander Digestive & Intestinal
Headache Peppermint PastTense® Frankincense Siberian Fir Copaiba Pain & Inflammation, Nervous, Muscular, Women’s Health
Headache (Sinus) Basil Cedarwood Rosemary Peppermint Eucalyptus Pain & Inflammation, Respiratory
Head Lice Cinnamon Arborvitae Eucalyptus Rosemary Thyme Parasites, Hair Skin Nails, First Aid
Heartburn DigestZen® Peppermint Cardamom Black Pepper Zendocrine® Digestive & Intestinal, Pregnancy Nursing & Labour
Hemorrhoids Cypress Helichrysum Yarrow Myrrh Balance® Cardiovascular, Digestive & Intestinal, Hair Skin Nails, Pregnancy Nursing & Labour
Hives Roman Chamomile Rosemary Frankincense Peppermint Lavender Allergies, Children
Indigestion DigestZen® Peppermint Black Pepper Smart & Sassy® Cardamom Digestive & Intestinal, Weight, Detoxification
Infection (Bacterial &


On Guard® Oregano Thyme Cinnamon Melissa Immune & Lymphatic
Inflammation Frankincense Peppermint Ice Blue® & AromaTouch® DDR® Prime Turmeric Pain & Inflammation
Insomnia Lavender Serenity® Petitgrain Roman Chamomile Vetiver Sleep
Menstrual Cramps ClaryCalm® Clary Sage Marjoram PastTense® Copaiba Women’s Health
Migraine Peppermint Frankincense Copaiba Lavender PastTense® Pain & Inflammation, Muscular
MRSA Cinnamon Oregano Thyme On Guard® Clove Immune & Lymphatic
Mononucleosis Melissa Thyme Cinnamon Eucalyptus On Guard® Immune & Lymphatic
Muscles (bruised) Ice Blue® Helichrysum Birch AromaTouch® Siberian Fir Cardiovascular, Hair Skin Nails, First Aid
Muscles (Pain) AromaTouch® Ice Blue® Siberian Fir Marjoram Peppermint Muscular, Athletes, Pain & Inflammation, Fitness
Muscle Spasms AromaTouch® Marjoram Copaiba Roman Chamomile Basil Muscular, Athletes, Sleep
Narcolepsy Sandalwood Console® Motivate® Wild Orange InTune® Sleep, Brain
Nausea Peppermint Ginger DigestZen® Pink Pepper Zendocrine® Digestive & Intestinal
Nosebleeds Helichrysum Geranium Lavender Myrrh On Guard® Respiratory
Pain Turmeric or Copaiba Peppermint Ice Blue® Helichrysum Wintergreen or Birch Pain & Inflammation
Parasites Lemongrass Clove Oregano Thyme Turmeric Parasites, Detoxification, Digestive & Intestinal, Hair Skin Nails
Pink Eye Frankincense Tea Tree Spikenard Lavender Clary Sage Immune & Lymphatic, Children
PMS Clary Sage ClaryCalm® Geranium DDR® Prime Whisper® Women’s Health, Mood & Bahaviour
Pneumonia EasyAir® Arborvitae Copaiba Roman Chamomile Eucalyptus Respiratory
Restless Leg Synd AromaTouch® Ice Blue® PastTense® Cypress Serenity® Cardiovascular, Sleep
RSV (babies) Rosemary Eucalyptus Melissa Siberian Fir EasyAir® Children, Respiratory
Scars Helichrysum Frankincense Lavender Sandalwood & Neroli Salubelle® Hair Skin Nails
Shingles Patchouli Melissa Yarrow Tea Tree Black Pepper Immune & Lymphatic, Nervous
Shock Peppermint Peace® or Adaptiv® Lavender Roman Chamomile Balance® First Aid, Nervous, Stress
Sinusitis Peppermint EasyAir® Cedarwood Passion® Thyme Respiratory
Skin (Chapped or Dry) Myrrh Sandalwood Cedarwood Copaiba Salubelle® Hair Skin Nails
Skin (Nappy Rash) Balance® Roman Chamomile Lavender Myrrh Patchouli Baby, Children
Skin (Eczema) Cedarwood Neroli HD Clear® Yarrow Black Spruce Hair Skin Nails, Candida
Skin (Fungal) Tea Tree HD Clear® DDR® Prime Turmeric Myrrh Hair Skin Nails
Skin (Psoriasis) Zendocrine® Roman Chamomile Turmeric Copaiba Geranium Hair Skin Nails, Digestive & Intestinal, Candida, Parasites
Sprain Ice Blue® Lemongrass Marjoram Copaiba Wintergreen Muscular, Pain & Inflammation, First Aid
Strep Throat Oregano On Guard® Tea Tree Lemon Cinnamon Immune & Lymphatic
Stress Adaptiv® or Peace® Balance® Lavender Serenity® Neroli Stress
Tear Ducts blocked Lavender Myrrh Clary Sage Eucalyptus Tea Tree Respiratory
Tendonitis Ice Blue® AromaTouch® Copaiba or Marjoram Lemongrass Siberian Fir Muscular, Athletes
Toothache Clove Birch Helichrysum On Guard® Tea Tree Oral Health
Ulcer (Stomach) DigestZen® Peppermint Bergamot Yarrow Geranium Digestive & Intestinal
Varicose Veins Cypress Helichrysum Coriander Yarrow Bergamot Cardiovascular, Hair Skin Nails






Hair Skin Nails

Tea Tree





Hair Skin Nails, First Aid




Geranium or Neroli


Hair Skin Nails

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Please see a qualified health care provider for medical treatment. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to use Essential Oils