What nobody told me was that 100% pure doesn’t always mean that, that not every drop is pure and the bottle is topped up with who knows what instead. I just figured they were slippery because that’s what oil is, slippery; however, this is not the case with quality essential oils.

A wooden box containing various essential oil bottles with multicolored caps, each labeled differently including rose oil, displayed in a neat arrangement.

About Us

Can you imagine my surprise when I then learnt that every batch of dōTERRA essential oil is third party tested to ensure every drop is 100% pure, filler and chemical free? In fact, you can find the batch number under every bottle and look it up at dōTERRA Source to You to find out the testing results.

To me, this just reinforces dōTERRA’s commitment to providing only the highest quality oils.

It’s a good thing I realised when I did, because I was just about to embark on a health regime that included a blend, made up from oils I had collected elsewhere, not knowing their origin or the process by which they were extracted. Call it a lesson learned quick. ‘What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream.’

So, after my first meeting with a local dōTERRA Wellness Advocate in response to the ad, I had already decided that this was the product for me. When we met for the second time, my selection was firmly etched into my mind, I eagerly became a part of the dōTERRA family, and the idea of Earthsun Essentials was born.

Know More

Now, like all newborns, I needed to learn a few things first, to be sure I could stand, then take my first steps, as well as learn how to communicate. I’m a slow and steady learner at times, and this has been one of those times; and I am still learning as I go. What I learn, I share. I mean, what’s the point of knowledge when it’s not applied or shared.

I’ve been using essential oils over 25 years, however I only discovered quality Essential oils in the last 5 years. I am so thankful that I saw that ad and responded when I did. Now I have seen and experienced first-hand the difference one drop can make, and this is something that I want to share with as many people as I can.

Now is the time to make a difference, now is the time for change. Contact me, so that you can take that first step and discover the difference one drop can make.

Adapting to change, just as nature intended, a drop at a time.