Aromatherapy with Rose Oil: Creating a Calming Environment

Two small amber glass bottles with white caps are placed on a wooden surface, surrounded by scattered pink rose petals. In the background, a pink rose is partially visible. The scene suggests a focus on aromatherapy with rose oil, creating a calming environment and natural beauty products.

Rose essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy. The gentle scent of the roses and its beautiful petals make a treat for your senses. No wonder Cleopatra used rose petals in her famous milk bath! However, rose oil has several other health benefits apart from the scent and beautiful petals. It can nourish your body […]

Choosing the Right Rose Oil: A Buyer’s Guide

A white mortar filled with dried roses, showcasing a brown dropper bottle of essential oil blends, surrounded by scattered rose petals on a soft pink background.

Rose essential oil, with its therapeutic properties, offers many benefits. From creating a soothing environment to helping you destress and relax, rose oils greatly benefit your mental health. Besides, rose oil’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help fight infection and treat pain and swelling. In fact,a few drops of rose oil can do magic to your […]

The Health Benefits of Rose Oil: How It Can Enhance Your Wellbeing

A small amber glass bottle with earthsun essential oils next to a blooming pink rose and scattered petals on a rustic wooden surface.

Rose oil—the name itself reminds you of a gentle and soothing fragrance. From the soothing scent used in aromatherapy to the gentle medium with which you cleanse your skin, rose oil offers a diverse range of health and emotional benefits.  Extracted from the petals of rose flowers like Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia, rose essential […]

Self-care with essential oils for long covid.


The past few years have been stressful globally. With different waves of coronavirus gripping the world, people were looking for healthy, sustainable ways to adjust to the new normal. After the COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Australia witnessed a new surge of infection – long COVID. These are infections similar to coronavirus infection but occur after […]