Self-care with essential oils for long covid.


The past few years have been stressful globally. With different waves of coronavirus gripping the world, people were looking for healthy, sustainable ways to adjust to the new normal.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Australia witnessed a new surge of infection – long COVID. These are infections similar to coronavirus infection but occur after an acute case of COVID-19 infection. This is also known by other names, such as post-COVID condition or long-haul COVID.

Essential oils play a very important role in combating post-COVID conditions. They keep you mentally and physically fit and reduce the chances of recurrent infection.

A study conducted in the USA showed that inhaling Longevity, a proprietary essential oil blend, for two weeks by those who suffered acute COVID-19 significantly reduced their affective fatigue and brain fog.

In this article, we provide insight into long Covid-19 and the use of essential oils to ease long Covid-19 symptoms.

What are the symptoms of long covid 19?


Fatigue is characterized by a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. Your productivity is largely affected as a result of fatigue.

Respiratory problems

Those with long covid symptoms will have respiratory problems like shortness of breath. Chest pain, cough and pounding heart are other symptoms related to respiratory health.

Neurological problems

Neurological problems include inability to sleep, headache, dizziness and difficulty thinking. It can also lead to depression and anxiety.

How Can Essential Oils Help During Long Covid-19?

From pharmaceutical preparations to cosmeceuticals, essential oils have made their mark in all industries, and their organic constituents are widely trusted and used globally.

The excellent fragrance of essential oils is not the only property that makes them popular among households. They offer many health benefits like fatigue management, regulating heart rate or blood pressure, positive change in brainwave activity, and improvement in emotional fatigue, etc. Thus, they help in both physical and mental well-being.

Essential oils have long been known to have immunomodulatory, antiviral, bronchodilatory, and anti-inflammatory properties, and they have now been considered to help manage long-haul symptoms of Covid 19.

Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils

Doctors and Medical professionals from day zero have stressed and emphasised building your immunity both during and post-COVID 19 times. The immune system maintains a healthy functioning body and protects your body from harmful pathogens. The antimicrobial and antiviral activities of Essential oils, in this case, may help support your body’s immune system and can offer wholesome health protection.

Therapeutic properties work and function in a wide range of ways. Some have slow cumulative action, while others produce a fast response. Although it depends on the dosage and application method, it gives splendid results.

Best Essential Oil for Long Covid 19.

1. Bergamot

Self-care begins with clean and clear ambient air. Though the fast spreading of coronavirus disease has stopped, novel coronavirus mutants may still be present in the air.

Thus, you can start by spraying bergamot essential oil in your home. You could also put a few drops of it in your aroma diffuser or use it as part of your aromatherapy interventions.

A few drops of this anti-infectious and antiviral essential oil in water can be spritzed in all the rooms to maintain good air quality. It also helps stimulate the immune system.

Eucalyptus essential oil is another great immunostimulant and antimicrobial blend that may help prevent infections.

2. Thyme

A small glass bottle with a cork stopper containing a clear auto draft liquid, placed next to blooming thyme herbs on a wooden surface.

Your respiratory tract bears the brunt of long COVID-19 infection. You might have difficulty breathing and may even experience a sore throat.

A great way to safeguard your health is to inhale steam to clear your respiratory tract. In this case, thyme essential oil helps clear nasal passages and enables steady breathing.

Known for its cleansing and purifying effect, it could also be applied topically to the skin using a carrier oil.

3. Tea tree

Numerous studies have proven that Tea tree essential oils extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Due to its Mucolytic properties, it protects the body from respiratory issues, colds, chronic coughs, mucus formation, sinus infections, etc.

You can use tea tree oil for steam inhalation. Alternatively, you can also dilute it with a carrier oil and smell it.

4. Lavender

Most people’s sleeping habits have changed post-COVID-19. The work-from-home culture has also contributed to increased physical or mental exertion. Some people even experience brain fog post-COVID-19. Thus, taking care of your mental well-being is very important.

Lavender essential oil helps boost energy levels. It also relieves fatigue, headaches, stress, and depression. You will notice substantial improvements in conditions like insomnia while using lavender essential oil. After all, a calming sleep cycle is essential for a positive mindset.


The menthol in eucalyptus essential oil is very effective in regaining smell during long covid 19. You can use this essential oil in the diffuser or add a few drops to steam and inhale it. This helps clear your respiratory tract.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends

Thus, we have noticed that each essential oil has its own benefit. Then, how about creating essential oil blends that can significantly improve energy levels?

These essential oil blends combine the properties of two or more oils, depending on your requirements.

InTune® Roll

The InTune® Roll is a rich essential oil blend of Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Amaryllis, Patchouli, ylang-ylang, Roman Chamomile and citrus oils like lime that helps promote clarity, calmness, and concentration—a huge requirement for successfully adapting to the new normal.

A study conducted in the USA showed that essential oil blends of thyme, orange, clove bud, and frankincense boost energy levels in females suffering from long covid 19.

Desert sand blend

Another interesting essential oil blend is the Desert sand blend. This essential oil blend combines many essential oils like orange, ginger, cinnamon, sandalwood, and vetiver, reducing stress and anxiety. It also refreshes and rejuvenates you when you are feeling low.

You can purchase these essential oil blends as such or prepare your own essential oil blend by mixing the essential oils of your choice.


Essential Oils and aromatherapy are great ways to enhance your health and manage long covid 19 symptoms. You can either diffuse the essential oil or go for a massage therapy with the essential oils of your choice.

Amidst these challenging times, essential oils strike a balance by promoting health, a calm state of mind, and a clean home environment. Stay safe!


What is long Covid 19?

Long Covid-19 is the after-effect of acute Covid-19 virus attack. The main symptoms of long covid 19 are headaches, sleep problems, changes in smell, anxiety and depression.

What essential oils help regain smell after Covid 19?

Essential oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon, and citrus oils like lemon oil help you regain smell during long Covid 19.

Which essential oil blend is good for Long Covid 19?

Essential oil blends like frankincense, sandalwood, and patchouli or orange, ginger and cinnamon are good to ease long COVID-19 symptoms.

What is the rule for blending essential oils?

There is no hard and fast rule for blending essential oils. You can either blend them in a ratio of 1:1:1 or blend the top note, middle note and base note in a ratio of 3:5:2.

How do you clean indoor air post covid 19?

Make a diffuser with peppermint, lavender and lemon, which helps clear indoor air.