“Let’s relax and unwind with the most therapeutic amalgamation in the entire universe – essential oils and massage”

Massages are considered body therapies by pressing, stroking, rolling, warming, and kneading the muscles and skin. Using essential oils makes it either an aromatherapy massage or healing deep tissue one with the properties of herbal extract. Regardless of the purpose, essential oils enhance the healing and therapeutic effects of a massage.

Body massages relieve pain and when combined with essential oil blends, it becomes restorative.  It makes the massage particularly effective as a pain and stress relieving therapy by treating sore muscles and clouded minds.

The high concentrations of chemical compounds in the essential oils once diluted with carrier oils and used as massage oils are deemed remedial.

What happens to the body when you have a massage?

A Massage includes rubbing and pressing the tendons, muscles, skin and ligaments to reduce pain and strain. Massages can be using light strokes or applying deep pressure. There are many different types of massages that have different techniques and benefits. To help you understand the general benefits of a good massage, let us discuss how it affects the body.

  • Reducing stress – Getting massage therapy helps in relaxing the tissues of the muscles. It helps in relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind.
  • Relief from pain – This is a great way to reduce spasms and contractions as well as compressions of the nerves. A deep massage decreases inflammation.
  • Good Sleep – Lack of sleep can cause many ailments. A good massage helps in sleeping soundly and for a longer time.
  • Improved blood circulation – Massage therapy is very beneficial in circulating blood in all parts of the body. It also reduces soreness of muscles and tension.
  • Mental health – A good regular massage is a great way of reducing anxiety levels and depression.

A good massage is a good stress buster and helps in having a good night sleep which helps to relax the mind. Getting massages regularly helps in healing the body and mind. Blend it with essential oils and it is an incredible natural healer for many ailments. It is an excellent way to relax the muscles and make the body feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Nervous system & Essential Oils

A typical day in an athlete’s life consists of optimal physical fitness and training.
Fitness comprises several aspects such as physical and physiological, mental and psychological and to attain these levels of fitness, their determination and the support of their peers including family and coaches play an immense role. The activities include proper diets, yoga and meditation, regular workouts and occasional leisure to enrich themselves and increase endurance.
It is unlikely of sports as a domain to rely on age-old therapeutic agents like essential oils but young athletes do depend on alternative and complementary medicinal remedies like aromatherapy as it helps them ace their performance.
The problems faced by athletes are abundant ranging from physical challenges of coping with injuries and fitness to mental and emotional upheavals. Essential oils in this case can heal sore muscles, inflammation, and joint inflexibility due to their analgesic, antiseptic, cicatrizing, and analgesic properties. It is a competitive field and there is a lot of stress involved day in and out; essentials oils play a significant role in relaxing the mind. This helps the athlete gear up for the game.


Why using an essential oil can be effective for athletes?

Essential oils have been proven to improve health and are used for treating several health ailments. The beneficial results of essential oils have increasingly started to make significant contributions to athletes’ sports performances.

  • They help in enhancing neurological functions, calming the mind and reducing anxiety and depressive thoughts.
  • Some of these oils are also known to have a positive effect on the functioning of the lungs.
  • They help in improving athletic performance, lower the heart rate, improve the functioning of lungs, helps in increasing brain stimulation, control blood pressure and help in enhancing muscular strength.
  • Essentials oils also help in boosting the immune system and help in keeping away any environmental threats.
  • They help in energising and focusing on the task at hand.
  • Applying essential oils before and after any training session and have a long-lasting cooling as well as warm sensation.
  • It also helps in reducing the foul smell from the clothing and other athletic equipment. These oils are also a great way to reduce any skin irritation.

Thus, using essential oils can be very beneficial for athletes as it helps them in relieving anxiety before any major event, helps them to remain calm during the practice and the event. It can also be very therapeutic and help in healing and relaxing the tired feeling after the event.

Best Essential Oils for Athletes

  • On Guard® – in challenging times like these athletes must pay attention to their immunity for endurance. dōTERRA On Guard® blend in this case becomes a natural alternative to other commercial products for immune support.
  • Wild Orange – An extra boost of energy is always appreciated. For a revitalising and energising workout, the aroma of the wild orange oil helps in enhancing energy levels.
  • Ice Blue® – This athletic blend is a must-have for every sportsman. dōTERRA Ice Blue® works best as a muscle-soothing oil blend pre-and post-workout. Ideal for massaging tense muscles after strenuous activities as well.
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Muscular System & Essential Oils

Workout or extensive physical activities can cause sore muscles which are painful and can derail your day. While there are processes and medicines to relieve muscle pain in the body, there is a more natural way to do so— using essential oils.

Essential oils can help with muscular dystrophy as they are used to treat specific complaints or ailments, to relieve pain in the body and to relieve stress from the body using essential oils is a great help. It helps in treating issues like arthritis, back pains, spasms and cramps.

By permeating the skin, they can help in detoxifying, relaxing and decreasing the swelling that occurs in the muscle tissue.

Essential Oils Muscular

Why using an essential oil can be effective for the muscular system?

A muscular system plays a very important role in the movement of our body. Therapists while performing regular massages come across problems of soft tissue and here essential oils are very healing for injuries that are sudden and overused like fibromyalgia, arthritis and spasms.

Pain experienced by people is unique and differs from individual to individual. Out of all the pains, the most common one is back pain and especially the lower back. Many other pains include myalgia, tendonitis or stress fractures, muscle spasms and cramps. This muscle pain is high which may be a result of an injury, loss of blood or a tumour.

Aromatherapy is a great way of relieving these pains. It can be applied on the skin at the place where pain or injury is, oils can be applied on feet soles, diluted oils can be applied for a partial or a full body massage. Aromatherapy baths are also a great way that can be effective for the muscular system.

Essential oils help in arthritis by improving mobility and treating the root cause of the pain. Similarly, backaches can be treated by aromatherapy as essential oils can be used to detoxify, decrease swelling and relax the tissues in muscles. Also, spasms and cramps can be treated by the use of essential oils as they are a result of contraction in the muscle. When this contraction is persistent it is called a spasm and a more painful version is a cramp.

Best Essential Oils for the Muscular System

Juniper Oil

Especially during a tough workout regime or an extremely busy day, juniper oil helps eliminate muscle spasms and ease tension.

Peppermint Oil

Aching muscles can benefit from peppermint oil. A few drops of it in bath water or massage oil would do wonders for sore muscles.


dōTERRA AromaTouch® is a blend of soothing oils to relax and comfort the body and mind. Massaging your lower back muscles with this specially formulated blend helps ease mobility and promote good health.

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Skeletal System & Essential Oils

The skeletal system of an adult is composed of around 206 bones that act as an internal framework of the body. This supports body mobility and maintains its shape. Essential oils used as supplements help in keeping the joints healthy and encourage fluid movement in the body that helps ensure normal bone functions. Using these essential oils help in supporting the skeletal system especially to perform the routine exercise and post-workout regime.

Best Essential Oils for Skeletal System

Frankincense Oil

It is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense oil treats a variety of ailments related to the skeletal system including inflammation and chronic pain.

Ginger Oil

Ginger essential oil is known to reduce the effect of chronic joint pain and inflammation due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Why using an essential oil can be effective for my skeletal system?

Essential oils have been proven to improve health and are used for treating several health ailments. The beneficial results of essential oils have increasingly started to make significant contributions to athletes’ sports performances.

Like any other part of the human body, the musculoskeletal system can get a lot of relief from the use of essential oils. Essential oils can reduce swelling and also provide much-needed relaxation to the skin. While some oils are warm and can increase blood flow, others have a cooling nature and are anti-inflammatory.

Below are some musculoskeletal problems that can be aided with the help of essential oils.


The most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis affects joints of weight-bearing areas in the human body and progressively becomes more of a problem with age. It causes wear and tear of the cartilage which results in swelling, pain and stiffness. Regular massages using wintergreen essential oil, ginger oil, and eucalyptus oil would effectively help in reducing pain. Aromatherapy using lavender essential oil help patients remain calm through chronic pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

In this condition, the healthy tissues in the body are mistakenly identified and attacked by the immune system. It is more serious and affects fingers, wrists, knees, feet and ankles by causing joint pain, stiffness and swelling. If there is swelling or inflammation, the use of analgesic oils like peppermint and rosemary can be of great help.


Bone fracture is always accompanied by ligament tear and injuries to muscle tissues. Aromatherapy helps in the healing process by reducing pain and swelling. An antiseptic, antibiotic, and analgesic oils such as roman chamomile and clove can help reduce inflammation and relieve the pain

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