A multitude of characteristics associates with one’s well-being. Most importantly, it is equated with positive and negative affective components, with satisfaction, happiness quality of life. One cannot define or measure wellbeing but it is multidimensional and essential oils can help enhance it positively.

Essential Oils &Yoga

Yoga and essential oils are not modern inventions. Used and implemented for ages both essential oils and yoga are to this day and age considered ethereal. Combining and integrating their powers is only the beginning of flourishing wellbeing.


Why using essential oils for yoga can be an effective addition to your practice?

Essential oils contain herbal fragrance information that can be absorbed by the sensory cells in our nose. This information reaches our brain via the limbic system and is processed there accordingly. This area of ​​the brain is responsible for the regulation of emotions and determines the respective effect of the scents on our well-being.

Our sense of smell is partly responsible for our well-being and is closely linked to our emotions. Certain scents also ensure that memories awaken in us. We usually associate many positive moments in our life with a corresponding scent. If an ethereal scent is used regularly in the yoga class, our brain connects this after a while with the feeling of relaxation and letting go that we felt during the exercises. The scent alone can awaken this feeling in us in everyday life and lead to more relaxation outside of yoga exercises

Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to yoga practice. According to respective exercises, they can have a revitalizing effect to help us breathe deeper or relax longer. Essential oils can help us bring our minds, bodies, and soul into balance. It wonderfully solidifies our connection with nature.

  • Using essential oils during yoga improves muscle tone and strength which eventually helps you prevent and protect yourself from injuries.
  • It enhances your stretching actions and leads to flexible joints and a greater range of motion. This consequently is an increased blood flow.
  • Using Essential oils while practising yoga helps you focus more and reduce stress.

Best Essential Oil for Yoga

Although it depends on what effect you are trying to achieve when using essential oils during yoga there are some essentials that have an invigorating effect while you practice Yoga.


If you need a boost in motivation and want to lift your mood and happiness at the same time, the lime essential oil is the best to use during yoga.


Frankincense essential oil is suitable for a cleansing, spiritual effect during yoga. It ensures relaxation of the body and soul.

Lemon Myrtle and Sandalwood

Essential oils like Myrtle and Sandalwood have a relaxing effect. On days particularly devoted to breathing exercises, lavender essential oil works perfectly.

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Essential Oils for Meditation

Meditation helps you unwind and relax. It helps you gain perspective in life and give you a new direction. It is the most inexpensive way to handle and curb stress, anxiety, and worldly woes. With essential oils, meditation brings a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

Why using an essential oil during meditation can be an effective addition to your practice?

The calming and stress relieving properties of essential oils are no secret to the world. Scents can create an aura of joy, fear, happiness, excitement, fear and all kinds of emotions in oneself. As humans we associate smell with emotions. It is precisely why essential oils are all the more essential for meditation.

Essential oils can act as a positive to go during meditation as the impulses during meditation that is sent directly to the brain while you meditate can immensely help you relax and destress.

  • It helps clarify your thoughts and doubts.
  • It helps the mind clean the negative energies.
  • It helps improve memory and concentration
  • It removes emotional balance and feelings of enlightenment.
  • The use of essential oils during meditation has a grounding and balancing effect

You could either use the essential oil in the aroma diffuser in the meditation room or put a drop on the palm of your hand and rub it in your hands and commence with deep breathing.

Best Essential Oils for Meditation

We meditate to enhance the feeling of concentration, calmness, and centeredness. Essential oils inspire these emotions and encourage an insightful experience by reducing negativity and elevate optimism, and determination, and gratitude. Best essential oils for your meditation ritual include-

  • Myrrh  – promotes spiritual opening and promotes mental focus, tranquillity, and rest along with reducing toxic emotions and feelings.
  • Lavender – during meditation helps to enhance inspiration towards optimism and enlightenment. It reduces the feeling of self-doubt, emotional imbalance, anxiety, and restlessness. Most importantly it promotes mental clarity and stability.
  • Sage – is best used to ease respiratory discomforts. It strengthens and stimulates the mind and spirit. Often, the waning energy within us leads to an anxious mind, using sage essential oil cures it.
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Essential Oils & Sleep

A well-rested body is an essential body need which if skipped could lead to many prolonged health issues and if skipped regularly saps away the joy within and the zeal to work. Sleep is medically proven to help enhance the functioning of the body and essential oils aids in inducing and enhancing its numerous benefits.

Best essential oils for Sleep

  • Lavender oil  – is best known for muscle relaxation and calming heart rate— thus enabling peaceful sleep.
  • Bergamot oil  – although being from the citrus family has a calming effect on our senses. It is also known to lower blood pressure and relax the nerves.
  • Another great soothing essential oil is the Ylang Ylang oil which is known to alleviate stress and promote deep relaxation and sleep.

Why using essential oils can help you get better sleep?

While there are various ways to monitor undisturbed and sound sleep using an essential oil can be a wise decision as they are affordable, more effective, and easy and safe to use. Apart from this, including an essential oil in our lives has stood the test of time as it has been the most ancient way for the body and mind to attain peace and calm. And the best part is that along with sleep you get the other health benefits as well. Undoubtedly, the most natural and easy way to get a good night’s sleep.

Staying connected with these essential herbs coming from the different plants is a way to extract the goodness, the therapeutic properties of nature, the mother earth which is the best healer to any problem of the living beings and so by inculcating the essential oils in our sleep regimen, we can subtly imbibe the healing vibes of nature.

Essential Oils set the perfect environment for sleep with their soothing sensation around your sleeping space. While you go for all the costly ways to hit a perfect sleeping ambience, from lighting to mattresses, these affordable bottles of herbal extracts are the convenient ways of achieving that and that too at an inner level. Their ability to calm the mind and relax the body penetrates through the ‘smelling sensation ‘ within each one of us. Therefore, they work at an inner level rather than superficially. Even though the study behind aromatherapy remains inconclusive, there is no denying that they do stimulate a relaxing effect on us and that is the reason why topical cough suppressants contain essential oils.

The best way to use them is to mix them in a drop of carrier oil and rub them on certain parts of your body such as your wrists, hands, neck, forehead, and chest. Use carrier oils like coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond or olive oil to reap the best benefits. Another great way to use them is by pouring a few drops into an air diffuser and place them in your bedroom. You could also pour a few drops of the essential oil in water and spray it on your pillow and room.

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