Top 5 Winter Inspire Essential Oils

Two small bottles of doterra essential oils beside a lit candle, surrounded by dried flowers and leaves on a patterned fabric surface, creating a serene and aromatic setting.

As the seasons change and the temperatures vary, our habits, energy levels, needs, and outlook can also change. Therefore, the start of a new season can be an excellent time to change which essential oils you use and diffuse around your home.

Cooler weather can often mean lower energy levels and less time spent outdoors. It can also be a time of quiet reflection on the last few months and new beginnings as we plan for the rest of the year.

It is the perfect time to use essential oils to uplift you, boost your energy levels, clear your mind, and help strengthen your immune system against seasonal threats.

In addition, you can celebrate this beautiful time of year by filling your home with spicy, citrusy aromas that remind us of winter. Read on for our top winter-inspired essential oils and our favourite winter blends.

Best essential oil for winter

Cinnamon Bark

Winter is when the days get shorter, and many spend more time indoors. The warm, uplifting smell of Cinnamon is ideal for cool winter days to lift your spirits.

Cinnamon also has antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit the immune system and help protect against seasonal illnesses. Furthermore, it can help reduce pain and soothe sore throats.

Cinnamon is also a delightful winter ingredient for cooking and baking delicious comfort foods. Besides, it also fills the air with its pleasant smell.

Wild Orange

Citrus scents provide a lovely addition to winter blends; however, the seasonal benefits of Wild Orange don’t end there.

The revitalising aroma of Wild Orange essential oils help lift the mood and reduce feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress. Furthermore, it offers energising properties that promote concentration, productivity, and creativity. Thus, wild orange essential oil is very effective in aromatherapy.

In addition, Wild Orange essential oil has detoxifying properties and may also help support the immune system. Thus, making it a part of your daily routine can be beneficial.


Ginger has high levels of antioxidants, which can help support the immune system when seasonal illnesses are on the rise. In addition, it provides support for the respiratory system, helping to ease the symptoms of congestion, sinusitis, and laryngitis.

Another benefit of ginger oil is its antioxidant properties. This property can alleviate any neuropathic pain caused as a result of inflammation in your nervous system.

You can dilute this essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil and apply it to the chest, throat, and bridge of the nose. Alternatively, you can take a few drops of this essential oil with warm water and lemon or use it with a diffuser.

Along with providing a range of health benefits, Ginger is a delicious addition to any winter stir fry, stew, or other meals.


Winter in Australia s the perfect time to reflect on the summer and make plans for the coming months, and Frankincense essential oil can help you do just that.

Use Frankincense essential oil in a diffuser to clear and calm the mind, lift the mood, and feel inspired. Alternatively, applying this essential oil to the skin can help rejuvenate and beautify the skin, assisting with the drying effects of cooler weather.

Frankincense can also help with health issues related to colder temperatures. Applying it to the throat and chest can help relieve cough and congestion symptoms, and adding one drop to your tea can support the immune system.


The warm, spicy, and woody aroma of Clove essential oil is perfect for winter. It also has stimulating and energising properties that are ideal for this time of year when we often need a boost.

Clove oil also offers health benefits that are useful during the winter months. It has a high antioxidant content that can support your overall wellbeing and help maintain your immune system. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help you fight seasonal threats such as cough and cold.

Winter Essential oil blends you can try out

If you want to fill your home with the alluring smells of winter season, try diffusing some of our favourite winter essential oil blends.

Things to consider when buying and using essential oils during winter season in Australia

Whether you are using pure essential oils or an essential oil blend, it is very important to consider the below.

Patch test

  • Always do a patch test before you use essential oils. This way, you can easily make out adverse reactions on your health, if any.


  • You should dilute essential oils with carrier oils before you massage it onto the skin. Pure essential oils can be harsh on the skin, making the skin irritated.

Quality of the product

  • Always buy essential oils of good quality from trusted sources. Make sure that the oil you purchase are natural and is not combined with any other oils, unless you purchase an essential oil blend.

Method of extraction

The way the essential oil is extracted from plants also tells us whether the oil is pure or not. Pure essential oils are extracted through steam distillation process. If any other process is mentioned in the pack, then the product may not be 100 percent pure.


Essential oils being pure substances can get damaged when exposed to heat. Thus, pure essential oils are generally packed in dark coloured bottle to reduce the chances of damage and to retain the true essence.

Keep away from children

As with any other product, you should keep essential oils also away from children to reduce the potential danger of swallowing.


All the pure essential oils mentioned above provide pleasant winter aromas and helpful benefits for this time of year. Try them individually or in one of our suggested essential oil blends. You can also create your own signature essential oil blend with other oils like geranium, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint.

However, to ensure essential oils’ safe use, always remember to dilute them with a carrier oil. This prevents irritation and burning of the skin.