Every single day is an opportunity to make these changes. Living a more natural life can be as easy as switching out disposable paper towels with reusable ones, or as big as eliminating any and all processed foods from your diet. One thing is for certain, homemade versions of products and recipes may just change the way we live life in general.

dōTERRA can help with that.

These changes that we make are not only beneficial to our health and lives but also to the world we live in. Organise, clean, and better care for your home with natural remedies that remove those harsh chemicals and products that make it easier than ever – and they smell the best too!Do your part in the world we live in with products that offer a natural solution to many things we do in life, such as wiping down the counters or tabletops, or even helping to relieve symptoms of a headache.

How Essential Oils Work…

While I am not going to go into deep, deep, details of dōTERRA essential oils, they work by being absorbed through olfactory nerves to the brain. They can also be absorbed through the skin to provide additional benefits to the user. Depending on the specific oil, they can have specific effects.

Purity of Essential Oils

dōTERRA noticed that the essential oil industry does not have standards that show the purity of the oils you’re using, so they created one. They provide oils that have no contaminants, adulterations, fillers, or anything else. They provide results of the ingredients to ensure you’re always obtaining the best oils at the best purity levels for quality assurance.

Are you ready to discover?

Those who are looking to stay away from chemicals that might otherwise cause issues because of how harsh they are, look towards dōTERRA essential oils and products to help around the house and with their health.If you’re looking to learn more, to do more, and to get more out of a natural lifestyle then dōTERRA essential oils and products are ideal for you. Look through the options available online, speak with a specialist, sign up for a program offered to earn points, and much, much more.

What is it about Essential Oils

5ml bottle of black pepper essential oil, 15ml bottle of celery seed essential oil, 5ml bottle of Douglas fir essential oil

What are - Single Oils?

As the name suggests, single oils are the oil derived from the leaves, herbs, rinds, or bark of plants. These oils typically have a far stronger smell than the plants they are made from. Additionally, due to the amounts of plant matter needed to make essential oil, they typically contain a higher level of active ingredients.

Manufacturers can create single oils through steam distillation or cold pressing. Cold pressing involves mechanically squeezing or pressing the plant to release the essential oil. This is the same principle as the burst of lemon scent you get when you zest the peel.

There is a massive selection of single oils, so you can find your favourite oil for use personally and in your home.

The main advantage of single oils is that you don’t have any competing scents. You can enjoy your favourite scent, adding it to lotions, your bathwater or a diffuser. However, you can also use single oils to create your own blends. This will allow you to tailor a mixture with slightly more or slightly less of particular oils to create the perfect blend for you. This is particularly important if you want to harness the benefits of a particular oil, but prefer not to be overwhelmed by the scent.

Examples: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine.

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15ml bottle of clearify essential oil blend, 15ml bottle of elevation essential oil blend, 5ml bottle of motivate essential oil blend

What are - Blended Oils?

Blended oils are a mixture of two or more essential oils. Blending essential oils allows you to balance out the weaker parts of one oil with another. It can also negate the possible side effects that may occur when an oil is applied by itself.For example, lavender is great for aiding sleep, but some people don’t like the strong lavender scent. By blending lavender with other oils, you can enjoy the benefits of lavender while creating a more enjoyable scent.Blends are created by grouping oils that share similar traits that will complement each other. So, the oils may be grouped by how they smell, their chemical makeup or the effects they can produce.Blending allows individual oils to chemically interact, creating a new substance. This can have properties that are different from the individual oil’s properties. While some properties may be neutralised by blending, they can create unique qualities that provide potential benefits.You may also be surprised at the scent of blended oils. Citrus oils can work very well with spicy oils to create a more enjoyable product, while woody scents work well with herbs. For example, orange and bergamot can create an uplifting and invigorating blend.

Examples: Adaptiv™, Cheer®, DigestZen®, Easy Air®, Forgive®.

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5ml bottle of Ice Blue athletic blend essential oil, tube of Ice Blue rub, 10ml bottle ice blue roll on

What are - Ice Blue Products?

The Ice Blue Athletic blend is ideal for soothing aching and tired muscles after a long day. This product line is designed to be used before or after physical activity, with Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, Wintergreen to help soothe and cool your muscles. Massage a few drops of this powerful blend into your neck and shoulders after sitting at your computer for hours or to create a cooling sensation on sore muscles.Ice Blue Athletic blend contains Peppermint, which has menthol properties. This can help to ease tension headaches, by massaging into your temples and neck. You can also apply this product to your knees and feet before and after you exercise.It can be used topically, applied to the desired area, using a carrier oil to minimise skin sensitivity.Ice Blue is available as an essential oil, rub, or roll-on. The rub and roll-on products include a base of fractional coconut oil to create an easy-to-use formula.However, there are some possible skin sensitivity issues. You should avoid contact with sensitive areas and if you’re pregnant or nursing, check with your physician before use.

Examples: Ice Blue®, Ice Blue® Touch, Ice Blue® Roll On, Ice Blue Rub®.

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15ml bottle of on guard essential oil blend, 473ml bottle of on guard foaming hand wash and two empty dispenser bottles, 23ml bottle of on guard sanitising mist

What are - On Guard Products?

The On Guard Protective Blend products are one of the best-selling dōTERRA lines. You can use these products to invigorate and cleanse your home, as an effective nontoxic cleaner. Additionally, the products contain a powerful blend of Clove, Cinnamon, and Wild Orange natural essential oil. So, they provide an uplifting, pure aroma.Whether you’re concerned about environmental and seasonal threats or simply want to freshen up your home, On Guard is a great choice. You can use this oil blend to make your own DIY surface cleaner around your home. Alternatively, diffuse a few drops to encourage an energising and refreshing aroma.On Guard has a spicy, warm, and woody aroma that can uplift your study environment, workplace, or home. You can add up to 10 drops into a spray bottle of water to clean your desk, countertops, tables, or other hard surfaces. You can also dilute with a carrier oil to apply topically or add a few drops to your diffuser.The On Guard product line now includes laundry detergent, mouthwash, foaming hand wash, sanitising mist, hand wipes, toothpaste, and throat drops in addition to the base oil blend.

Examples: On Guard®, On Guard® Touch, On Guard® Beadlets,  On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash.

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Natural Solutions

Natural solutions should not be as hard to find as they are… always do your research on oils.

Pure natural essential oil are hard to come by, however with dōTERRA; you can feel confident purchasing and being a part of a company that is offering a way to build, grow, to be healthy in all of the corners of your life.You want the best information before making a decision, and I get that.As you read through the information on this website you will find out more about these oils and how to integrate them into your daily life. Then you’ll wonder how you lived without them. Natural Essential Oil
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Making change

Making a change is a big thing, and if I am able to make your life a little easier, I’d love to be helpful in this and other regards.

Take a look around, learn more, and find out if becoming a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale Customer is in your best interest. Of course, if you want to make a one-time order, or an order every now and again; feel free to do so.

Explore the world of natural essential oil and make the switch for yourself, your family, and your home today!

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