Aimed at health-conscious individuals Earthsun Essentials is an Australian based on-line dōTERRA essential oil distributor and wellness advocate, providing ongoing product education, sales and support unlike any other distributor.

The benefits of becoming a Wellness Advocate!

There are a number of benefits that come with becoming a Wellness Advocate. If you’re considering signing up, then keep these benefits in mind because these are the biggest reasons why others choose to become advocates with a great company!

Being a Wellness Advocate is considered the best way to get essential oils and build your stash. You’ll be signed up with the Loyalty Rewards Program and the Product of the Month Club. Both of these help you cut back on overhead costs. Whether selling the extra product or building your own stash; these discounts are well worth signing up for this network marketing opportunity.

Once signed up as an Advocate, you also have access to discounted prices. These wholesale prices cut the retail price down by 25%! This is in addition to the above Club and Program, saving you additional money on your purchases.

You get to spread the word about a product that you love! Which is great when you are looking for a business venture that you actually like or feel strongly about. Advocates for dōTERRA choose to become Wellness Advocates because of this.

Those interested in this venture can consider making dōTERRA essential oils their business. You can work at any time, wherever you’d like, and sell products that provide a healthier, happier, sustainable lifestyle for others. The best part is that you already love the products yourself!

You can receive loyalty rewards points, free products, discounts, and earn in excess of up to $1M per year when selling dōTERRA!

Why Become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA?

You’re able to take advantage of these benefits as a Wellness Advocate:

  • Receive 25% off the retail prices to save money
  • Earn Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP) to receive 10 _ 30% of orders back in points redeemable for free products
  • Earn Shipping rewards points to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free products
  • Receive a free product by placing a monthly order over 125PV* and receive the free product of the month

*PV = Point Value

Every product is assigned a point value and a $ value

LRP order points and commissions are based on the TOTAL PV for each order

  • Get your own Personal Website to sell and share essential oils with others
  • Earn Bonuses & Compensation as the team you create grows and expands
  • Access Deals of the Month to save money, get FREE products and discounts 

If you want to earn money with dōTERRA, you must become a Wellness Advocate.

You can work your way to the top while loving your job!

If any of this sounds like you and you are interested in learning more?