Aimed at health-conscious individuals I created Earthsun Essentials as an Australian based on-line dōTERRA essential oil distributor and wellness advocate, providing ongoing product education, sales and support unlike any other distributor.

Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer 

Each one of these provides a way to receive additional perks and bonuses, while being able to save some cash on the essential oils that make your life better.

Join our team, become a Doterra Wellness Advocate

Wellness Advocate

  • Receive 25% off the retail prices to save money.
  • Earn Loyalty Rewards Points(LRP) to receive 10 – 30% of orders back in points redeemable for free products.
  • Earn Shipping Rewards Points to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free products.
  • Receive a free product by placing a monthly order over 125PV* and receive the free product of the month.
  • Get your own Personal Website to sell and share essential oils with others.
  • Earn Bonuses & Compensation as the team you create grows and expands.
  • Access Deals of the Month to save money, get FREE products and discounts.
Learn more about being a Wellness Advocate
25% off for Doterre Wholesale Essential Oils Customers

Wholesale Customer

  • Get a 25% discount on all of the products offered
  • Get free products each time you renew your membership
  • Access Loyalty Rewards Program for free merchandise every time a product is purchased
  • No minimum purchase to hold onto your membership every month









Learn more about being a wholesale customer

Monthly promotions and Product of the Month

There are also monthly promotions and products of the month that are offered for members. You can take advantage of a free bottle of essential oil or further discounts on other products. Simply place a loyalty order by the middle of the month to participate in these offers. *Conditions apply.

* Monthly promotions are only available to be purchased through the Australian or New Zealand Warehouses. They are a limited time offer and will only be available until the end of the month of the promotion, or while stocks last. The monthly promotion is for Australian and New Zealand accounts only. 

Product of the Month are offered for those who place LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) orders of 125PV or more before the 15th of the month. 


For most people, when they think of dōTERRA, they most likely think that it is only essential oils! Well, you could be forgiven for thinking so; but that’s just part of what they do and their product range. There are many more products that include; overall wellness, nutrition and personal care, even laundry; I think you’ll be surprised.

Through their Cō-Impact Sourcing® initiative, dōTERRA has committed to making positive difference to the lives of the people who contribute to their oil production, whilst the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® works tirelessly with the sourcing communities in the areas of self-reliance, healthcare, education, sanitation and the fight against human trafficking.

A common theme throughout their product range is the use of their essential oils in the makeup of the products; there are however a few exceptions. What does remain true throughout their entire product portfolio is their dedication to using only the highest quality ingredients, natural sugars and fats.

What they don’t use are Aluminium Salts, Sulphates, Artificial Fragrances, Parabens and Butylated Hydroxytolene,  or Propylene glycol.

This then leads me on to my next topic, which is membership, joining my team.

dōTERRA offer two different types of membership depending on what you are looking for with their products.

Are you just going to use it for yourself and maybe share with family and friends – Wholesale Customer.


do you want start and build your own business based around dōTERRA products – Wellness Advocate.

dōTERRA Memberships are ideal for those who want to obtain the benefits of natural living with an affordable price.

As a member of dōTERRA not only can you receive benefits of discounts on the products, but you’re able to sell the products to others who are looking to achieve a healthier, more holistic lifestyle without harsh chemicals.

Instead of finding your own dōTERRA sales member, you can be a part of the family with your own membership. It is easy to sign up, and the perks can be all yours.


Regardless of which membership you choose to go with, I welcome you to enjoy the many perks you’re able to enjoy from dōTERRA. Their essential oils and other blends of products help you enjoy more out of life with a more natural approach to everything you do.

Interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer? 

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