5 Best Essential Oils for Headaches

Essential oil bottles from doterra brand scattered on a bed of green leaves and pink flowers. Visible labels include geranium, spearmint, and frankincense. These are some of the best

Headaches! The word itself is enough to afflict us. While many pain medications are available in Australia, they do not match the efficacy of natural remedies.

Headaches are among the ailments that require immediate relief. Whether it is a tension, migraine, or cluster headache, you expect a remedy that aids with the pain and the terrible effects. 

Pills and painkillers available in Australia will undoubtedly bring instant relief, but at the cost of your health. In this case, holistic and natural remedies like using Australian essential oils get to the root of the problem and provide relaxation for better healing.  

So, what is the best essential oil for headaches? There are all kinds of headaches and concerns. Therefore, there is never one oil that heals all. It changes according to symptoms.

Which is the best essential oil for a headache?

Lavender essential oil

The soothing effects of lavender essential oil can help you ease your stress levels. Often, headaches occur due to a strenuous schedule or a busy day. Lavender oil can help you slow the traumatic thoughts racing in your mind.  

A tight schedule is bound to stress us and give us sleepless nights and a heavy mind. This results in a headache that does not choose to fade any time soon.  If ignored, it could also turn into chronic conditions such as insomnia or anxiety.  

The relaxing scent of lavender oil helps ease physical pain and mental discomfort. A few drops of these Australian essential oils in the bath can help you release the tension and relax the body and mind. Alternatively, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cotton ball and place it under the pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Chamomile essential oil

Can you relate to that nerve-throbbing pain at the end of the day?

The beautiful chamomile flower has the power to provide remedial support. If you happen to get bad headaches due to stressful situations or lifestyle changes, make sure to add a few drops of chamomile oil to your tea or bath. Its medicinal properties will make a difference. 

The fragrance of this essential oil is enough to lift your mood and soothe the nerves and muscles. Chamomile tea is the most trusted source to combat sleep-related issues and anxiety.  Therefore, adding a few drops of chamomile oil to your hot tea or bath will help ease the headache.  


Where do I put peppermint oil for a headache?” Often perceived as the go-to agent to freshen up, peppermint oil is an amazing, natural way to reverse mental fatigue. Peppermint oil, when mixed with a carrier oil like olive or jojoba oil, is best for topical use. You can apply them on the forehead and temples to bring relief and relaxation. 

Peppermint oil contains menthol that helps ease tension in the nerves and muscles.  This eventually results in a relaxed body and mind.  


Australia’s gift to mankind, eucalyptus honey, is minty and bound to relieve you. Eucalyptus oil can cure headaches like migraines and sinusitis. It is a powerful nasal passage cleanser, which is why it is a common ingredient in medical rubs and ointments for headaches and colds.  

In addition, headaches caused by sinus tension and nasal blockages can also be cured by eucalyptus oil.

Add a few drops of this essential oil to your hot bath water, steam bath, or steam inhalation devices for the best results.

Alternatively, you can add it to your room’s air diffuser. This will clear the air of toxins and help improve sleep.


Rosemary oil

Another great anti-inflammatory agent on the list is rosemary oil. This essential oil reduces stress and offers pain relief. It also improves blood circulation, which works tremendously well for headaches.

The best way to use rosemary oil is through deep inhalation. This reduces stress, eases tension, and relaxes muscles.  


The peculiarity of pure essential oils is that there is an essential oil for every headache concern. Whether you are experiencing tension headaches or headaches caused by stress, migraine, or sinusitis, you can get the right essential oil to treat your problem.

Headache or not, use them in your humidifier or diffuser to keep headaches and tensions at bay.


What is the best essential oil for headache symptoms?

The most popular essential oils for headaches are rosemary oil, eucalyptus oils, peppermint oil and chamomile essential oil.

Where do you put peppermint oil for headaches?

You can apply peppermint essential oil to the temple or forehead to get relief from headaches. But remember to always dilute the oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil to make it skin-friendly.

What is better for headaches, peppermint or lavender essential oil?

Which Australian essential oils to use depends on the type of headache. In case of tension headaches, peppermint essential oils are best. But in case of migraine episodes, lavender essential oil would be a great option.

Do essential oils really work for migraine episodes?

Yes, Australian essential oils are effective in treating migraines. Studies have shown that the inhalation of lavender essential oils helps reduce the intensity of migraine.