Our Favourite love bird essential oils for Valentine’s Day

Flat lay of Valentine's Day setting with "happy Valentine's Day" spelled out in letter tiles, surrounded by red gift boxes, heart-shaped decorations, love bird essential oils, and coiled ribbons

ItThis Valentine’s Day, no matter if you want to focus solely on rekindling your romantic relationship alone or if you are planning to go out on a date, you can use essential oils to enliven and uplift your intimate experience and put in a new element to your romance. Here are 6 enchanting essential oils for Valentine’s Day. Love bird essential oils for Valentine’s Day-

Top 6 Essential Oils for Love, Sensuality, and Romance for this Valentine’s Day

Rose Essential Oil

This essential oil is made from a botanical extract that is emanated from the Rose. Rose is considered to be an icon for romance and passionate love universally, making it an excellent choice to be used on Valentine’s Day. It has a feminine, robust, and sweet floral fragrance which also makes it an extremely popular choice. Rose is a seductively moving and also calming essential oil. It has earned itself a reputation for inspiring exquisite feelings of desire as an aphrodisiac. Rose essential oil can also inspire a feeling of being youthful, lively, and feeling light.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil has a bloomy, sweet fragrance that has a similar scent to that of Rose Absolute Essential Oil, however, it is a more affordable alternative.  It is a crisp and bold scent that is soothing and relaxing. It has an alluring smell that is quite invigorating and can inspire mental clarity, thus creating a feeling of cheerfulness.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil is emanated from orange blossoms, which give it a clove-like, woody, and sweet scent. It is a citrus essential oil that can have an uplifting impact on your mood and helps in creating a more light-hearted, and animated atmosphere which is perfect for gamesome couples. Just like other oils mentioned on the list, the Neroli Essential Oil is popular for its comforting effect on your mind and it has an arousing and sensual effect on your libido, thus helping in inspiring passionate feelings.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil has a floral, heady, deep, full, and aromatic smell. It has a reputation for being able to soothe your mind thus creating a feeling of optimism while stimulating and energizing your body. With its honey-like, warm undertones that could be depicted as seductive, the Jasmine Essential Oil can decrease your distress, while enhancing a positive outlook, improving relaxation, confidence, and focus. Jasmine Absolute is an extremely popular aphrodisiac, which makes it excellent for people who require help in getting over their anxiety that could lead to sensual dysfunction.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

With a smooth, warm, and soft smell, Sandalwood also has a woodsy, lingering creamy scent. This essential oil is very popular among sensual oils. It is known to be extremely popular among men’s products. Sandalwood Essential Oil has an uplifting, seductive, and comforting aroma that is known to be able to help create a calm environment that is facilitative to mental and physical relief.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This calming, floral and sweet fragrance is known to promote relaxation and emotional balance to offer you an improved mood. It has a musky and powdery scent that heightens intimacy while enhancing the satisfaction of living in the moment while fostering a sense of security among couples.


On a romantic day such as Valentine’s Day, which is entirely dedicated to showing your love, exhibiting affection, and engaging in some quality time with your partner as a tribute to your love, you can use essential oils to enhance your experience. During this delicate time, exotic and alluring scents are generally associated with stimulation, confidence, relaxation, warmth, and passion.