Can Essential Oils Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

There is a time in everyone’s life when they look for the perfect potion for fine lines and wrinkles. They could be scouting the internet or flipping the pages of a fashion magazine or watching endless videos on how to get the perfect skin. The way we fail to see is that ageing is a natural process and the signs differ and vary depending on your age and skin type. There is no one-stop solution for you to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Ageing is inevitable, and regardless of your DNA, your skin is bound to lose its elasticity. A natural process like this requires only natural alternatives to delay or lighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Commercial products may give you results but they come at a cost— skin’s health. These products might dry your skin or lead to breakouts. Essential Oils can be the right alternative to chemical serums and creams. Take a look at the most effective essential oils for wrinkles and fine lines.

Lemon oil

Vitamin C is known for incredible health benefits, this implies wrinkles and fine lines as well. A lot of commercial beauty products have vitamin c as their primary ingredient. However, it would never surpass the benefits of potent lemon oil that would delay and spot correct signs of aging.

Lemonessential oil is best used for oily skin and either be diluted in toners or with carrier oils to apply as a serum before sleeping.

Lemon oil

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood is an age-old solution for beauty treatments. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, sandalwood oil helps keep the skin hydrated which eventually helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. A perfect elixir for dry, dull, ageing skin type.

Rosemary oil

Rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, rosemary oil help in maintaining skin’s elasticity and preventing wrinkles from developing by blocking the free radicals. Visible results can be felt within the first week of use.

Rosemary oil

Lavender Oil

Deemed as the oil with a calming effect on our senses due to its blissful aroma, it is mostly used in aromatherapy. Applying lavender essential oilto the skin can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging like fine lines. Lavender oil works great on sensitive, stressed-out skin and gives it a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Another great benefit of using it as a night serum is that its aroma would help you with getting a good night’s rest.


Mostly used in perfumes, Ylang Ylang essential oil is known for its antioxidant effects that aids in skin renewal. Research backs it as according to a 2015 study YlangYlang does help in promoting youthful skin texture. Also, it is known for its healing properties so it also reduces the appearance of pigmentation due to external reasons that can also cure.

YlangYlang Oil

How to apply essential oils to the skin?

As effective as essentials are on the skin, one must not forget that they are, in fact, pure extraction of herbs and flowers and therefore, must not be directly applied on the skin. They must be diluted in carrier oil like avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil. Regardless of the benefits, always run a patch test and observe it for 24 hours before you include it in your regime. Still, make sure to limit the use of essential oils as per your skin type.

  • People with normal skin should use 7 drops to 15 drops of essential oil for every ounce of carrier oil used.
  • In the same way, people with sensitive skin must add only 3 to 6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

Essential oils are natural and organic sources and this is why it would take diligent and consistent efforts to show visible results.

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