How to become a Wellness Advocate

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is a brand that has more than a focus on healthier living. It is also about building a community to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle, taking a more natural approach. In essence, you’ll be a wellness advocate for the dōTERRA brand.

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Understanding the Role of Wellness Advocate

If you’re interested in living a healthier lifestyle, consider making dōTERRA essential oils your business. As a wellness advocate, you can work at any time, where you like, selling dōTERRA products to help others enjoy a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. The best part is that you’ll be promoting products that you already love.

As a Wellness Advocate, you can receive free products, loyalty points, and discounts. There is also the potential to earn up to $1 million per year.

The benefits package is one of the biggest reasons to become a wellness advocate. You can receive products and build your collection of dōTERRA essential oils. You will automatically be signed up to the Loyalty Rewards Program and enjoy the Product of the Month Club. Both these programs help you to reduce overhead costs.

Whether you’re selling extra products or just want to build your dōTERRA collection, the discounts from this network marketing opportunity make signing up well worth it.

After you sign up as an advocate, you will have access to discounted prices. The wholesale pricing provides a discount of 25% on their retail price. This is in addition to the above programs that save you even more money on your purchases.

So, you get to share the products you love and have the potential to earn a great income.

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Would You Make a Great Wellness Advocate?

If you enjoy dōTERRA products, you may wonder if you would make a great wellness advocate. There are a number of qualities of the ideal wellness advocate. These include:

  • An entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to succeed
  • A financial need
  • A willingness to work hard
  • A desire to advance in the business

If you have these qualities, you will make a great wellness advocate who can succeed while spreading the word about your favourite products.

If you’re capable and committed, becoming a wellness advocate could be the perfect business venture for you.

The Loyalty Rewards Program

You’ll start to immediately earn product credits as soon as you’re enrolled in the loyalty rewards program. You can accumulate these credits towards the purchase of new products. The longer that you are in the program, the more you’ll receive credits and the more products that you can earn.

This could be as much as 30% of the total monthly loyalty reward purchases, so you can save even more on your dōTERRA products.

Product points are awarded with every LRP order that you place with dōTERRA. The actual percentage of points you earn will depend on your original enrollment kit. This creates the potential to earn 10% to 30%.

Your points will accumulate with each of your purchases. You can even earn points through the shipping costs of your orders.

Product of the Month Club

When you participate in the Product of the Month Club, you can qualify for free products each month. Each product, including the dōTERRA essential oils is allocated a personal volume or PV. With each of your purchases, your PV increases. After you reach 125 PVs, the product of the month will be added to your LRP order automatically.

As a wellness advocate, you can not only work your way right to the top, while loving your new job. You can share your love of dōTERRA products, while enjoying discounts and free products. If this sounds appealing, consider becoming a Wellness Advocate today.

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